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small business services

One-stop shop for all IT needs of your business

Setting up new business or home office or upgrading your existing infrastructure? We can help you from design to deployment to operations. We have reliable IT solutions to suit your budget, boost performance and productivity of your business 

our small business services at a glance

Websites and mobile apps

From personal blogs, to websites to e-commerce store fronts to mobile apps, we build secure and user friendly solutions

Business domain emails

Have custom emails to have a professional image and credibilty for safe and secure communications

SEO and social media advertising

Boost your online presence and target the right audience  

Infrastructure build

Hardware and software installation, maintenance and upgrades through centralised administration

Business Management

Issue tracking and task management applications, project management and business data analysis

Office 365 and Gsuite Integration

Setup a location independent business model using office 365 or Gsuite

e-Fax & IP-PBX solutions

Replace conventional fax and PBX machines with cloud services that don't require any hardware and are much cheaper to operate

Network file sharing

Setup shared data storage, sharepoint, intranet and team collaboration solutions

VPN solutions

Secure remote access to business resources, backup and disaster recovery solutions

Firewalls and switches

Build and maintain network, setup routers, switches and firewalls for a secure office space

Monitoring and surveillance

Performance and availability monitoring of IT resources through alert services

Security audits

Network safety checks are done against potentail threat and identified issues wil be resolved

Solutions for your home

Safer and faster online experience at home

Our home is the most dangerous place in the world when it comes to surfing online. We have everything covered to make it a safer place 

our residential it services at a glance

boost wifi COverage

We Identify weak spots and offer solutions for a smoother and faster internet experience in your entire house

Parental control

We have solutions for you to have better control on the devices, time spent and the contents your kids access online 

staying safe online

Keep devices up-to-date on anti-virus and malware protection software to stay away from scams and phishing

backup solutions

Automated and centralised storage of precious memories and digital documents from your mobiles and tablets

CCTV and ip camera

We can install monitoring and alerting solutions for your home to keep an eye from wherever you are 

Home entertainment setup

Home theatre and entertainment system design, setup and configuration 

Hardware maintenance and inspection

PC & Mobile Repair Services

Be it a periodic maintenance or assess performance or fix something that’s broken, we can offer a free assessment for you to make a decision

Repair, reuse or upgrade suggestions

Fix PC speed and performance issues

Virus and malware clean up

Data recovery from dead devices

Battery and screen replacements

Our commitment to customers

5 year warranty

– All our own software solutions come with a 5 year warranty from the date of delivery. All third party software and hardware are covered with the standard supplier warranty

– Any issues in our software during the warranty period will be resolved on a best effort basis at no extra cost

– We offer service plans to ensure business continuity and keep your ICT assets future proof


No lock-in periods

– No fixed contracts on recurring services.  we rely on our high ethical practices to retain customers

– We give you total control of our deliverables with documentation for you to maintain them yourself should you wish to

No upfront payments

– We rely on words to start the work and get the first payment upon a satisfied demonstration of the solution

– We don’t charge inspection fee on repairs. We will give an initial feedback on cost vs benefit and let you decide


We value time and money

– We take only the jobs we can do. No false promises

– We provide an estimate to suit your budget and timeframe

– In an effort to save the environment, we try our best to reuse existing hardware before considering a replacement


Talk to us before you decide!

With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in a constantly evolving industry, we have the expertise and skills to offer you the right solution for your needs and problems

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